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Lancashire’s finest wine wholesaler

Let The Lancashire Beer Company take care of your wine list

A good wine list is now an expectation for many customers, and as Lancashire’s wine wholesaler, The Lancashire Beer Company can supply you with wines from some of the world’s most popular regions.

We also supply all leading brands of spirits, from Smirnoff, Bacardi and Gordon’s to some excellent blended and single malt whiskeys. We offer speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

See below for more information, or call us in Lancashire on 01282 616192.

Red wine

We supply reds from all over the world, in grape varieties proven popular in the UK. From Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec to Pinot Noir, as Lancashire’s quality wine wholesaler, we can deliver it all to you at a great price.

White wine

Regardless of your establishment we can supply all your wines ranging fromNew Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Australia’s refreshing Chardonnay, Italy’s Pinot Grigio and many more from around the world, all at excellent value.


Whether vodka, gin, rum or whisky, we can supply you with the leading brands in all spirit varieties. From house choices such as Gordon’s and Smirnoff, to premium quality brands, we can provide all our spirits at a great wholesale price. Get in touch with us to find our more about our full range.